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Let’s face it, nobody is looking for a ‘budget’ retirement.

Modern day retirement is synonymous with experiencing some of the best things in life, such as dining out at Michelin stars restaurants, indulgent golfing and luxurious vacations.

The aching question in your mind now is this:

I am ready to live the retirement live I've always dreamt of, but I am also feeling terrified that I will soon run out of money before running out of life

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"What is a Successful Retirement?" you asked

Everything that's NOT the below

The Retirement Peace Killers lingering in your mind
1 Procrastinating at the price tag of everything you want to buy, fearing overspending, even if you are shopping at discount stores.
2 Never fail to clip coupons and discount vouchers on everything. A penny saved is a penny earned.
3 Deeply disturbed by the prospect of being at the financial mercy of your relatives or children.
4 Let your elderly parents down because you are unable to subsidize their daily living costs.
5 Feeling helpless for not being able to fund your children education to the kind of university courses that will fully maximize their potential.
6 Feeling frustrated for not being able to assist adult children in buying their first home or preparing for wedding.
7 Worried that it will ‘exceed’ your monthly budget if you offer to pick up the tab for a family dinner or drinking session with your buddies.
8 Feeling distressed as you force yourself to stop eating out at your favorite fine dining establishment after the new management increased the prices of everything in the menu.
9 Feeling agonized that you need to substitute the imported household goods you are using with generic brands because currency depreciation makes everything expensive.
10 Heart skip a few beats every time any political or economic turbulence shave off 10% from your portfolio overnight before you had the chance to even login to your investment account.
11 Panic selling more times than you can remember when your retirement portfolio drops more than 4%, cutting loss before it plummet further, only to see it recovers in a week.
12 Feeling paranoia to read the business section on the newspaper, and deliberately avoid from listening or watching any economic news.
13 Chronically losing sleep over your retirement sustenance, wondering if you will have enough in the next 5 to 10 years to pay the bills.
14 Had a harrowing experience in your recent visits to the hospital that your hypertension condition will shave a big chunk off your retirement nest egg.
15 Desperately researching places like Nicaragua, Panama, Malaysia and Thailand as your second home in retirement to save costs, moving away from the community you are so familiar with
16 Not able to fulfill bucket list of owning a boat to travel the world.
17 Petrified to conserve your cash flow, took drastic measure to cancel your 20 years of your local club memberships.


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