Find out if you possess the options to Retire from Active Work with Peace of Mind

Avoid getting financially stressed & miserable in your retirement years when you retire

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I have followed CF’s valuable sharing in his blog ( since its early days. But it was not until I engaged him 1-to-1 as my “retirement adviser” that I could really see the value of independent advice he could deliver.

I consider myself financially savvy and comfortably retired than most – yet I think I need a lil’ help from an independent adviser who could advise me from different angles to manage my retirement nest egg – so like they say – I don’t run out of money before running out of life! CF injected much clarity in helping me with this area with his patience and dedication.

Kuldip Singh (60)
Kuldip Singh (60) "Injected much clarity to my post-retirement financial plan!"

Let’s face it, nobody is looking for a ‘budget’ retirement

Modern day retirement is synonymous with experiencing some of the best things in life, such as dining out at Michelin stars restaurants, indulgent golfing and luxurious vacations

The aching question in your mind now is this:

"I am ready to live the retirement live I've always dreamt of, but I am also feeling terrified that I will soon run out of money before running out of life"

It *may not happen, but running out of money late into your retirement is absolutely unthinkable if your longevity genes are better than you expect.

You don't want to take any chances. 

But sometimes, you aren’t really sure if you want to know, it is like having a nagging pain at the back of your head but you keep on avoiding a doctor’s appointment, because finding out the truth can be too depressing.

You continue to live in denial.

On the other hand, you absolutely don't want to live like a miser in retirement after years of toiling at your career.

This IS the ultimate reward you have been looking for in your life.

And YES, you absolutely deserved your dream retirement after years of blood and sweat and tears.

This is what makes life worth living.

But right now, you are in a dilemma.


Since 2012, I had been advising a multitude of clients on managing retirement finances. But there is a deeper layer to that than just money. I then began the years-long process of examining  inner psychology to find out why people are not retiring with the peace of mind they deserve, despite all the money & free information available.

I discovered a concept I call “Retirement Peace Killers,” imagination of scenarios that could likely materialize with one major mistake in managing your retirement nest egg. Most of the time, it is invisible to even the closest people in your lives because you never really expressed it explicitly.

Take a hard look to see which of these 17 most pernicious Retirement Peace Killers apply to you

The Retirement Peace Killers lingering in your mind
1 Procrastinating at the price tag of everything you want to buy, fearing overspending, even if you are shopping at discount stores.
2 Never fail to clip coupons and discount vouchers on everything. A penny saved is a penny earned.
3 Deeply disturbed by the prospect of being at the financial mercy of your relatives or children.
4 Let your elderly parents down because you are unable to subsidize their daily living costs.
5 Feeling helpless for not being able to fund your children education to the kind of university courses that will fully maximize their potential.
6 Feeling frustrated for not being able to assist adult children in buying their first home or preparing for wedding.
7 Worried that it will ‘exceed’ your monthly budget if you offer to pick up the tab for a family dinner or drinking session with your buddies.
8 Feeling distressed as you force yourself to stop eating out at your favorite fine dining establishment after the new management increased the prices of everything in the menu.
9 Feeling agonized that you need to substitute the imported household goods you are using with generic brands because currency depreciation makes everything expensive.
10 Heart skip a few beats every time any political or economic turbulence shave off 10% from your portfolio overnight before you had the chance to even login to your investment account.
11 Panic selling more times than you can remember when your retirement portfolio drops more than 4%, cutting loss before it plummet further, only to see it recovers in a week.
12 Feeling paranoia to read the business section on the newspaper, and deliberately avoid from listening or watching any economic news.
13 Chronically losing sleep over your retirement sustenance, wondering if you will have enough in the next 5 to 10 years to pay the bills.
14 Had a harrowing experience in your recent visits to the hospital that your hypertension condition will shave a big chunk off your retirement nest egg.
15 Desperately researching places like Nicaragua, Panama, Malaysia and Thailand as your second home in retirement to save costs, moving away from the community you are so familiar with
16 Not able to fulfill bucket list of owning a boat to travel the world.
17 Petrified to conserve your cash flow, took drastic measure to cancel your 20 years of your local club memberships.

That's what gonna happen if you don't have sufficient confidence that your accumulated retirement nest egg can sustain you throughout your retirement years.

Look at these posts from Quora and Reddit

Chances are, you might even seen these before

quora retirement question

reddit retirement frugal

Notice what they are doing, they are approaching the inevitable early retirement and are deeply concerned about their survival.

Instead of discussing about structuring a system to generate consistent income stream regardless of bull or bear market, they are fixated on how to be a frugalistas to save a few pennies, keeping a strict budget, cut back on dining out, etc.

Let's be honest here...

  • Nobody likes the feeling of hands covered in faeces of using one ply toilet paper to wipe their mud valley
  • Nobody like to cut back on night out on their favourite Italian restaurant on weekend
  • Nobody like to keep a strict budget and rigidly stick to it for vacation
  • Nobody likes to be told what they can or can’t spend in retirement - be it the new premium shoes, that luxuries Caribbean cruise or buying your buddies a few rounds of drink

We’ve all desired about retiring early but don’t want to live below the poverty line in the later years of retirement.

The knee-jerk response is of course to scour the Internet for a miracle solution, hoping that people who have 'been there, done that' will tell you exactly what to do and what NOT to do.

But know this, everyone is unique. You could take bits and pieces of information here and there, and haphazardly patch them together as your retirement plan.

So what will you get?

A Frankenstein monster for your retirement which is neither living nor dead. It will come back to bite you later.

The other knee jerk response is to keep on working, or thinking of cutting your retirement short and take up a contractual/short term positions. Retirement is far from what you envision.

You start to lose hope.

More importantly, your anxiety over the 17 Retirement Peace Killers will throw you into a destructive cycle, called the Wheel of Negativity. I've seen this so much in the many clients I consult for, and believe me, you don't want to ride in this wheel. It deters you from truly enjoying your retirement years.

Yes, you can absolutely avoid all these Retirement Peace Killers and negativity

By following a system which provides consistent income stream, growing with inflation and largely unaffected by recession

I know because I've been advising my clients on retirement using this system for the past 4+ years

Prior to 2012, I struggled in my practice to advise clients on the kind of retirement portfolio with 95% confidence level to sustain their retirement years. I even put my own money on the line. You know that feeling of seeing your nest egg shrink due to factors beyond your control? I feel the same for my clients.

Although my clients didn't blame me for failing to meet the targeted annual returns due to various systemic factors, I knew I was letting them down.  It was one of the most frustrating, draining times of my life.

In fact, looking back, I almost every financial instruments under the sun: I wasted time learning about forex & commodity tradings, options, CFDs and global macro strategies.  I got overwhelmed by all the advice out there.

But I was learning in leaps and bounds. What are the fluff that didn't work specifically for retirement. Why people are not enjoying retirement the way they should. I went deeper into the psychology aspect of retirement. 

In 2012, I created a two-pronged system. The first prong to resolve this ever fluctuating sustainable income for retirement, and the second prong - mindset.

I tested it with my existing retirement clients. And monitored the results. Fast forward to now, suffice to say that the results blew my mind. It gave them a peace of mind and elevated their quality of retirement life.

Best of all...

  • You don't need to undertake high investment risks
  • You don't need to use leverage
  • You can use it regardless of any country you live in
  • You don't need to an expert in finance to follow the system

Let me show you what I discovered along the way.

But first, I want to ask you an honest question.

If a successful retirement is as simple as  buying or investing into any of the many retirement products in the market, why are you still deeply worried about your retirement sustainability?


There are tons of free retirement articles online.  

There is no shortage of financial products specifically catered for retirement.

And yet, people are still feeling insecure about their own retirement.  

If information and products alone mattered, almost nobody would be worried about their financial security in retirement. 

The truth is, there's something that matters at least as much as the information.

And that missing piece is a system that integrates the financial and psychology aspect of retirement.

John KS Lim (58)

The course gave me reassurance that what I have done and am doing so far is on track. I can come back to the learning modules 1,5 or 10 years down the road to check if I am still on track

John KS Lim (58) "Very effective delivery"

What Motivates me to create this system to help you?

Because years in the financial services industry, I became disenchanted with many financial service providers approaches in educating the man on the street on retirement.

This happens everywhere around the world - whether you are in US, Canada, South Africa, Europe, Asia or Australia

As I started growing my business, I started to see through the industry's shortcomings.

What I discovered was that most of the experts were selling 2 things: PRODUCTS & PROMISES. They were happy to sell you a product and wash their hands clean, because they didn't care about your retirement success — they just cared about the sale and their sales quota.

I never wanted to run a business like that. So I spent years crafting my a sustainable retirement system for my clients. It is about impact. I added things that nobody in the industry offers.

Because the brutal truth is that most retirement advice is narrow, simplistic, or downright deceptive.

This is the problem with piecemeal advice, tactics or products: They give you one piece, but never the entire SYSTEM.

Francis Ong (45)

CF laid down a reasonably probable retirement and child education roadmap for us – the level of detail put into this is incredible. This serves as a compass for me and wife on how to how to manage internal and external factors affecting our retirement plan in the next 10 years.

Francis Ong (45) "Was skeptical, but realized the approach fits me perfectly"

In case you are thinking...

Is it just about investing bonds or ETFs?

Nope it isn't.

In the initial years when I started advising clients on retirement - like most advisers, I followed the conventional post-retirement investing mantras - invest in high grade bonds.  However, in the recent years, bonds yields fail to provide sufficient income for retirement, eaten alive by inflation. Worse, it is prone to defaults which means you aren’t getting your capital back when the bond reaches maturity..

I also advised clients to invest in index funds that are often touted for it cost effectiveness. However, then we concurred the returns are nothing to shout about.

My system of advising clients in retirement involves enjoying the freedom, being proactive in anticipating next year's income without letting the external factors beyond control affect them

It involves more work up front, but...

Retirees who take this route don't spend much time worrying about what they can't control, and avoiding all the negative emotions caused by it

Here's what they do instead

Your fulfilling retirement looks like this
1 They usually do NOT need to compare the price tags of at the things they are buying unless it costs more than 500 bucks.
2 They don't fret over using coupons or discount vouchers when shopping.
3 They are truly financially independent.
4 They can bring their elderly parents for overseas vacation twice a year.
5 They can fund their children education when their children get accepted into the world's prestigious universities (which doesn't come cheap).
6 They can provide financial assistance to children to buy their first home.
7 Their family and friends need to stop them from picking up the tab every time there is a dinner outing.
8 They have a picky taste bud, and usually a regular at most of the well- known dining establishments in town.
9 They don't necessarily go on a splurge on anything but if they do, they know it won't break their monthly budget.
10 They never get really concerned about the short term price fluctuations of their retirement portfolio.
11 They remain calm in face of any market turbulence because it won't affect their retirement sustenance.
12 They don't deliberately avoid economic news.
13 They don't lose sleep over trivial things such as day-to-day market volatility.
14 Their health may not be in tip-top condition, but they know medical contingencies won't jeopardize their retirement nest egg.
15 Migrating to countries with cheaper cost living and moving away from the community they've lived their whole life in just doesn't make sense.
16 They might not want to own a boat, but they have no qualms to spend some money to travel the world luxuriously.
17 They spend 3 days a week indulging in golf and spa session at their favorite club.

I know, because I've just described my clients. And graduates of this course.

I have my own retirement plan - being an accountant, I work with numbers a lot. But I joined your course before I want to learn the proper ways professionals do it. Now I have a much clearer picture. You taught me what's important to focus on, and what can be ignored.

Poon ML
Poon ML "A very refreshing perspective"

I'm  an accountant and spent many years working in most areas of accounting & finance. I have my own retirement plans, which is not as comprehensive as yours. I took your course to see whether I missed out any key considerations.

After completing the course, I was reassured that I have a fairly robust retirement plan in place with many factors taken into consideration.

Your course will definitely benefit those who don't have any plan or have little idea on how to go about planning their retirement.

Pang HM
Pang HM "Gave me useful second opinion"

I wasn't expecting to learn much, after all I was skeptical what you had to show/tell someone with many years of accounting experience like myself.

I thought I know everything there is to know about retirement planning but you laid things out in a very different perspective - often challenged think twice about what I thought I knew.

Choo HH
Choo HH "Your Advanced modules are VERY Insightful"

I am now more confident that my money will last if I manage it according to things I learned in the course. It has became clearer to me how to adjust to external factors beyond my control. It also helps to know additional information on how to react in case of a bad year of investment returns.

Choong YK
Choong YK "Validated my own retirement plans"

See More of What My Amazing Clients Have to Say

"I really appreciate CF - he is very detailed - Always gives a lot of thoughts to me, always trigger my thinking so we can make the advisory more comprehensive...I really think he stands from Customer Standpoint" - HONG LS (45)

"I liked your approach of advising without financial jargons, just plain english, something I can relate, and most importantly, from neutral perspective. From medical perspective, you are prescribing medicine that you are actually eating." - Dr Hans Lim (36)

HI, I'M CF LIEU. I am a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). CFP® certification is the recognized standard for financial planning.  It is a professional certification mark for financial planners conferred by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards (CFP Board) in the United States.

In fact, I won the award for being the top CFP in the entire nation back in 2014. Some highlights of my work below.

In case you are thinking...I don't see myself retiring soon, so this is irrelevant to me

Sometimes retiring early becomes the only involuntary option.


  • Technology is transforming the labor market, eliminating millions of conventional jobs even as it creates new opportunities. Which sides are you currently on?
  • Office politics, extensive travelling, no prospect for advancement, management shake-up want to pursue something on your own terms and time using the skills you possessed but you will take a paycut. How will it jeopardize your retirement plans?
  • Your career is taking its toll on your health and/or family. The longer you endure this, the shorter your lifespan will be. Money doesn't mean anything if you don't live long enough to enjoy it
  • Company offer early retirement package (aka voluntary separation scheme) as part of cost-cutting exercise- should you take it and risk being out of job for indefinite time because there is no employable prospect at your age and salary range?
  • You get a financial windfall (shareholder buyout, cashing out etc) - You wonder if you should just sit on it generating risk-free guaranteed return cash deposit rate or you need to invest it more aggresively?
  • Your company or industry is going downhill - if you got retrenched now, do you have enough to last until twilight years?
  • Fear of missing out (FOMO) - with a few more short productive years left in your high-flying career, you are desperate to make the very best use of your earning power to build a [insert your number here] retirement nest egg?

In case you are thinking...I already have a retirement plan, why should I care?

Many of the assumptions on which those plans were based –including sustained low inflation and an expectation for continued globalization – have been upended.

  • Brexit is reshaping Europe
  • Upheaval in the Middle East is having global consequences
  • The U.S. is anticipating reflation, rising rates, and renewed growth
  • President Trump’s fiscal, tax and trade policies will further impact the economic landscape.

What may have worked well for you so far might come to an end.